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This page is where we give credit to those who have made contributions to this web site.  Contributions can be in the form of pictures, stories, documents, information, etc.  Without this assistance, could not be possible.  Where allowed an email address or web site address has been given for those who have contributed.  We encourage you to visit the web sites of those who have contributed to this one.  It is through the sharing of information that we can all benefit.  Some of those who assist us with contributions to this site wish to remain anonymous and we will honor those requests for privacy without exception.  Above all this site is meant as a tribute to all of the men and women who were involved with the Snark and Atlas missile systems which helped defend our nation during a very critical time in U.S. history.



Gary Baker


Fred Crytzer - Thanks for the present day photos of the Plattsburgh 556th SMS Atlas F sites.


Gerald Fitzpatrick -


Dana Murton


Ron Plante - Thanks for a large collection of documents and photos.


Bruce Raleigh


Jeff Stephens -